Company s name:

Adnis Persian industry international consulting engineering co.

Company issue: Adnis industry Persian Tosehegaran international consulting engineering.

Convention minute; (private join stock) in July 31/2010

All term in engineering services justify technical. commercial plan for whole industrial and greenery    farmer,  fishery and also research about investigation plan in all field and projects related to large and small industry all over the country import and export lawful merchandise of subagent and cover external and internal and technic and executive administer of projects metal frame planning and finance consulting and all building services, road, bridge work, export and import, lawful, commercial merchandise agronomy beneath irrigate and related services and cover persons for company. catching bank convenience from all private and governmental bank, financial institute and validity involvement according to current law.   

Mr Mohammdinia is managing Director and chairman of board of Adnis Co .and holding group Adnis Co.