Annayake Purifying Concentrate Asphyxiated Skin
Annayake Purifying Concentrate Asphyxiated Skin

Annayaké was created in 1928. Since then, the brand has made it a point of honor to preserve the Japanese tradition and to integrate it into the heart of each of its treatments. In 2000, the Annayaké house decided to launch into perfumery. Of course, the brand’s fragrances are intimately linked to the Asian philosophy of the house. Its entire range is a mixture of elegance and subtlety. Because each skin is different, the Annayaké brand has developed treatments adapted to each of them. Here, Annayaké presents its “Purifying Concentrate for Asphyxiated Skin”.

Annayaké, Purifying Concentrate for Asphyxiated Skin, a concentrate of happiness for your face

Annayaké “Purifying Concentrate For Asphyxiated Skin” is a treatment that cleanses asphyxiated skin and offers you a revitalizing treatment. The “Purifying Concentrate For Asphyxiated Skin” Annayaké is based on the legendary power of Nigari salt. The latter is an ingredient widely used in traditional Asian medicine. Its high content of magnesium chloride makes it an essential ally in the fight against tired and “cloudy” complexion. A true miracle product, Nigari salt is a product that offers multiple health benefits. Used in its natural form, it retains all its beneficial properties here. It will be a real ally for all men and women permanently subjected to pollution particles and the asphyxiation of our urban universe.

Annayaké, Purifying Concentrate Asphyxiated Skin, application advice

Annayaké “Purifying Concentrate Asphyxiated Skin” can be used occasionally. The Annayaké brand nevertheless recommends applying it as a two-month curative treatment. This will make it possible to obtain even more convincing results. To do this, it is advisable to add two to three drops of your concentrate in your usual day cream, using the pipette specially designed for this purpose. Mix everything in the palm of your hand and apply all over your face and neck. This cure can be repeated when the need arises. On the other hand, you should know that your Annayaké concentrate must never be used alone and that it must imperatively be diluted.

Annayaké, “Purifying Concentrate For Asphyxiated Skin” is a real renewal cure. It purifies your skin and rids it of all pollution-related impurities. In an instant, your face is fresh, hydrated and ultra luminous!

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Annayake Purifying Concentrate Asphyxiated Skin