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An even greater thank you to everyone who cast their vote for one of the three real cotton candy scents that were mentioned. 
Please keep in mind that the purpose of this series is not to provide a thorough inventory of every single scent that falls under any particular category, since doing so would be both impossible and, well, tiresome. 
In addition to that, I am not acquainted with all of them, which is another thing that makes me tired just thinking about it! 
I understand that everyone has different perfume preferences, so in an effort to make this battle (hopefully) “easier,” I have increased the number of fragrances available from three to seven (men’s, women’s, and unisex). 
So, if you really like cherries, you should take part in this smell battle. 

Cherry Twins

I chose cherry as the next olfactory battle for a very straightforward reason: when I woke up one morning, I had an overwhelming need to put on a cherry perfume. This led me to choose cherry as the next opponent. 

Which led to my mind wandering to thoughts of summer, cherries, and spending leisurely days outside…which led to my mind wandering to thoughts of round two in a war of smells. 

And so we reach this point.

Cherry isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when I smell the first blast of Cherry in the Air; I get more of an apple or “fruit salad” aroma than a cherry. 

There is a hint of sweetness, along with a cherry flavor that has a little sour undertone. 

(I believe that it is meant to be the marshmallow, but it isn’t all that powerful.) 

The projection on this one is quite subpar, and the lifespan is much worse. 

I sprayed myself all over with approximately eight sprays, and by the time the party ended at midday, I could hardly smell anything without pressing my nose right up against my arm. I had doused myself with around eight sprays. 

It follows a rather straight pattern, and the note pyramid is quite tall—where exactly are all of these notes? 

I suppose they are the support personnel who never receive any recognition, and they won’t get any credit from me either since I can’t smell them. I don’t know who they are. 

The dry-down is creamy cherry and sandalwood with a touch of musk, and the musk serves as the grand finale. 

I have no clue what “daim” is, but I have a feeling that there will be an article written on it…!

Olfactive Studio’s Close Up is a sweet cherry with amber, and there is something sort of nutty and almost like a date licking around the edges. 

It has a tobacco flavor without being overpowering; in the form of tobacco flower, it is a lighter, kinder, and more “feminine” version of tobacco. 

Sweet and lovely, with strong projection, and easily within arm’s reach. 

Annick Menardo, the perfumer, has done an excellent job of bridging the gap between the two flavors, which may be described as slightly sweet and somewhat spicy. 

The label claims that the piece “revels in contrast and the oscillation between extremes,” and if you ask me, I’d say that statement is accurate! 

Rose is subtle to my sense of smell, but I can detect its sophisticated air around me. 

That makes no sense at all, yet I get the impression that it’s there, just below the surface of the stronger sounds. 

On me, the predominant notes are cherry, amber, and a subtle tobacco note. 


Despite the passage of several hours, I am still able to get fleeting whiffs of this unisex yet gently gourmand charmer! 

The aroma of sweet amber lingers on the skin long after it has dried down.

At the very top of Tubereuses 2 Virginale is a bright, joyful, and sweet cherry that gradually transforms into tropical flowers smelling of sunlight and happiness; projection is fairly powerful at this point. 

About an hour and a half into the experience, the tuberose reveals itself in all of its strong, buttery, and alluring splendor, while the cherry continues to provide some sweetness. 

It is not too complicated; it smells like a delicious cherry loaded with tuberose and several other tropical flowers. 

After approximately four hours, it transforms into a cherry-floral-and-musky skin aroma and doesn’t last for very long (at least not on me). 

Because it is a smell that I never get weary of, I like reapplying it whenever I have the chance.


One of the newest scents to come from the Swedish company Svensk Parfym is called Frojd, which translates to the English word joy. 
At the very beginning, I had the impression that this contained some bitter citrus, maybe grapefruit. 
The vetiver note works pretty well on me in most fragrances (why-oh-why can’t it be cinnamon or marshmallow or anything delectable? ), and this one is no exception. Nonetheless, the cherry is very potent and interferes with the vetiver’s performance. 
Sometimes I’ll receive suggestions for medicine, and then it’ll stop for a while before starting up again. 
If I had to describe it, I’d say that it has a bright, sweet-tart cherry note combined with a vetiver note in a wonderful way. 
It has a little bitter and sour quality, which my nose associates with the grapefruit stated before, but which is most likely due to the vetiver and the “woody overtones.” 
It has a realistic aroma. 
As an undertone, there is something that is almost buttery and silky (maybe the ambergris), and that causes it to blend in with my skin. 
After another four to five hours, the scent of cherry is completely gone, and all that’s left is vetiver. 
On the other hand, it is rather potent (as is the case with all vetiver on me; have I said that?!!). 
It continued to be noticeable for another five hours before finally disappearing. 
Impressive, that is, if you have a strong emotional connection to vetiver.

Ideal EDP

Although the Guerlain Ideal Eau de Parfum is the only fragrance in this category that is marketed specifically to men, there is little question that it may easily be worn by any gender. 
It receives a lot of praise on this board, but given that it is on the more gourmand end of the men’s fragrance range, it is inevitable that it will have some critics. 
Having said that, I believe that it also makes an incredible scent for women. 
(Although, originally, I found it to be a little too potent for my liking.) 
The cherry and almond are simply supporting partners, which is to be anticipated, I think, since the presence of the leather, herbs, and spices is what makes this “cherry scent” pleasant to males. On my skin, the prominent notes are leather, spices, and incense, in that order. 
Even though there is no tobacco note in the pyramid, it has the mouthfeel of chewy tobacco because of the cherry note functioning in conjunction with the other notes. 
The dry-down is my favorite part (vanilla! ), as well as the most feminine. It has a sweetness to it, but it also has a refined touch that comes from the tonka and vanilla, as well as the other spices.

Kimoji Cherry

My very first purchase of a fragrance by Kim K was Kimoji Cherry, and let’s just say that I did it in the name of study! 
Because I was able to get it at a reasonable price on eBay (US$24, including delivery), I do not feel bad about having to pay the full price of US$45. 
The bottle does not appeal to me. 
Thankfully, the main container is made of glass, but the top is made of a pliable plastic that has the appearance of a child’s plaything. 
The very first spray was a little bit of a shock: 
it smells like an apple that has just been peeled and a ripe strawberry, but it isn’t unduly cloying, which is a relief. Yes, it is fruity, like something that would appeal to someone in their twenties. 
The fruity freshness fades away very soon, and what’s left is a scent that older people (those aged 30 and over) could be more inclined to wear since it focuses on a mixture of sweet and sour cherries, light and fluffy whipped cream, and a musky drydown. 
(The cherry, in my opinion, belongs more in the middle notes than in the high notes.) 
The heat causes it to bloom more quickly, but under colder settings, it maintains its fruitiness for quite a bit longer before transitioning into the whipped cream or cherry phase. 
The only kind of floral note that I can detect is a trace of cherry blossom. 
The first time I tried it, I was outdoors in the light and heat, and the aroma swiftly burst into the cherry and whipped cream, and then it was gone in an instant. The second time I tried it, I was indoors on two different days in fast succession. 
On the second day, I decided to spend the entire day indoors with the air conditioning on, which took three times as long to dry off. 
The finish is marked by a little muskiness. 
The projection is delicate but certainly not feeble. 
Because Kim Kardashian is a lady of 38 years old, and although I might be wrong about this, I’m going to presume that she doesn’t want to smell sugary-sweet like she did when she was 20 years old. 
(However, she does sell a collection called Kimoji Hearts, so maybe I should take back what I said.) 
To summarize, it has a very linear structure, but it has a cherry aroma that is rather sophisticated. 
I wouldn’t put it on the top shelf of my collection, but I wouldn’t say it’s terrible, either. 
This is in no way deplorable. 


If a day at the county fair with Kimoji Cherry is an appropriate way to spend a leisurely Saturday, then Delices de Cartier (EDP) is the perfect cherry for a Saturday night date. 
It startled me to see that it began with a significant amount of pink pepper, since I hadn’t yet glanced at the notes. 
At this stage, the cherry flavor isn’t noticeable; rather, it has more of a waxy-cherry chapstick undertone. 
It takes approximately twenty to thirty minutes for the peppery note to leave my skin, and another five to ten minutes for the tart cherry to totally explode (oh, behave!) out of the waxiness. 
I get the impression that there is also a heart note in Delices, and it stays for several hours, easily around six. 
Within six feet, the projection might be overpowering, so adjust your spraying appropriately. 
The finish is characterized by a vanilla-leaning tonka, which is accompanied by a musky amber and creamy sandalwood, while the sour cherry lingers somewhere in the background. 
Evening wear is perfect for this scent because of its luscious and seductive cherry notes. 
Who would’ve guessed?

- A word from our sposor -

Cherry Perfumes

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